Scientific Posters

Photo of scientists.

We can help you at any level you wish. We print high-quality posters. We provide professional design, editing, and proofreading services. We can build an attractive, effective poster from your Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint, or other text and figure files. We can proofread and polish up your poster that is almost-ready-to-print, or we can also print your poster, as-is, with no adjustments at all; just let us know what you prefer.

Poster Materials Available

  • Matte:

    Our least expensive poster paper, but still a very sturdy, high-quality material. It’s good for general use, but not the best choice for heavy ink coverage or small reversed-out text (white on a dark background).

    Material cost for matte poster paper is $6.75 per square foot.

  • Satin:

    This paper has satin sheen, gives excellent reproduction of fine details, and can handle heavy ink coverage and tiny reversed-out text.

    Material cost for satin poster paper is $9.90 per square foot.

  • Vinyl:

    Designed to make traveling easier, this poster material can be folded small enough to carry in your suitcase, so that you don’t have to carry a box or tube.

    Material cost for vinyl poster material is $12.00 per square foot.

Poster lamination is an extra $5.50 per-square-foot charge. Lamination is available with the matte and satin poster papers, providing you a durable, long-lasting product that is protected from moisture.

The prices above are for poster material only. If you require other SPGM services, such as layout, editing, and proofing, they will be charged additionally on an hourly basis. Estimates are available upon request.

Bundled Poster Prices

SPGM offers bundled prices (production, printing, and material costs included) for scientific posters that fall within the sizes indicated below and don’t require proofing or editing by the SPGM editorial staff. The final poster print will be wrapped in kraft paper.

Bundled Poster Size Matte Satin Vinyl
68 inches by 44 inches $185 $260 $305
44 inches by 44 inches $130 $180 $205

When poster instructions specify a 6' x 4' poster, we typically print the poster a few inches smaller (about 68" x 44"), so that the poster won’t overlap the frame of the display board.

Best Practices for Effective Scientific Posters

SPGM has gathered some helpful hints to guide you through the entire poster presentation process. Please click on the image below to download.

Best Practices for Effective Scientific Posters