Inaugural Technology Transfer Showcase Aims to Increase Industry Partnerships and Commercialization of Cancer-Related Inventions

By Max Cole, Contributing Writer; contributed image
A model of a processed KRAS protein.

A model of a processed KRAS protein. The RAS Initiative’s Dominic Esposito, Ph.D., studies the expression of cancer-related proteins in various forms such as the one shown here, and is presenting at the 2017 Technology Showcase.

Science and business professionals from across the region will have an opportunity to learn about—and perhaps even commercialize—cutting-edge technologies being used to address some of the most urgent and intractable problems in the biomedical sciences at an upcoming event held at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

The 2017 Technology Showcase, scheduled for June 7, is an inaugural, half-day event that will feature technologies being developed at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Frederick National Lab (FNL). The goal of the showcase is to encourage startup company formation, technology licensing, and collaborations.

“This event continues the message that NIH is not just the worldwide leader in basic science; we are increasing awareness and education that we have thought-leaders and innovators who create disruptive technologies that have and will continue to impact the patient community and marketplace,” commented Michael Salgaller, Ph.D., invention development and marketing lead, NCI Technology Transfer Center.

“This is really a great opportunity to share some of the innovative work happening at FNL and NCI, and to let the community know that we are open to and actively looking for partners,” added James Pannucci, Ph.D., director of the FNL Partnership Development Office.

Many NCI researchers are scheduled to share their advanced technology research, with topics including the development of vaccines against human polyomaviruses, the ability to produce custom antibodies, and ratio-based biomarkers for cancer survival prediction.

Mitchell Ho, Ph.D., Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR), will present “GPC2 CAR T Cell License for Neuroblastoma.” Ho’s lab develops new antibody-engineering technologies and applies them to generate novel antibody therapeutics.

A presentation by Joost Oppenheim, M.D., Cancer and Inflammation Program, NCI CCR, will discuss his work surrounding an immunoadjuvant, HMGN1, which originates in cells’ nuclei. This immunoadjuvant has the potential to expand the impact of a promising category of therapeutics, immune-checkpoint inhibitors, which activate patients’ immune systems against their own cancers.

Another presentation by Brad St. Croix, Ph.D., Mouse Cancer Genetics Program, NCI CCR, will discuss the “CD276 Antibody.” St. Croix’s recent research has focused on the development of new therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that are non-toxic and have the potential to aid in the management of cancer and other vascular diseases.

Several FNL researchers who are using technologies to study applications of nanotechnology in medicine, protein science, and other disciplines to address problems in cancer research are also scheduled to present their work at the showcase.

The event is designed to introduce the local scientific community to regional technology development stakeholders and to highlight available resources. Representatives from the Frederick County and City governments, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), the Maryland Department of Commerce, the Technology Council of Maryland, the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI), and other organizations will present their work with technology development and commercialization.

An interactive poster session by innovators and technology ambassadors will happen concurrently with the presentations. A network reception concludes the event.

Prospective investors, established companies, interested stakeholders, and those looking to commercialize technologies are invited and encouraged to attend.

The creation of this new event is being spearheaded by the NCI Technology Transfer Center and the Frederick National Laboratory, working in partnership with the City of Frederick Department of Economic Development, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, FITCI, and TEDCO.

For a complete list of presentations and for information about how to register, visit the 2017 Technology Showcase website