2016 June

Cannon Fire Soon to Accompany Bugle Call at Fort Detrick

Cannon firing.

Beginning June 14, the familiar bugle calls at Fort Detrick will be joined by a special percussion instrument: a cannon.

A single cannon shot will be fired on the first note of “Reveille,” which signals the start of each day and is accompanied by the raising of the American flag. “Reveille” sounds at 6:30 a.m. At 5 p.m., Fort Detrick plays “Retreat,” which alerts the post that the flag is about to be lowered. The cannon will fire on the last note of “Retreat.” After a five-second pause, “To the Color” plays as the flag is lowered.


Alumni of High School Internship Program Return for 25th Anniversary to Inspire Current Students

Man standing at podium

The Building 549 auditorium is often packed with high school interns eager to hear a scientific lecture. On April 22, however, the room swelled with interns spanning a wider age range. At the 25th Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program (WHK SIP) Anniversary Symposium, incoming, current, and former interns gathered to celebrate the program, which has provided biomedical research experience for local high school seniors. 



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