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/opt/nasapps Directory Structure

Structure of the applications folder /opt/nasapps

The applications folder is designed to support both a production software environment and a shared development environment. It does this by physically separating the two environments, granting write access to the production side to only the systems administrators but giving full access to the development side to the ABCC developers. This allows new software versions to be vetted in development before being moved to production.

The default PATH variable does not include any directories under /opt/nasapps. The suggested method to use installed software is through the modules command, which is documented here.

Given this, the suggested structure of the applications folder is this:

  • /opt/nasapps
    • production
      • app1
        • version 1.0
        • version 2.0
      • app2
        • version 2.7.18
        • version 3.1.41
    • development
      • developer1
      • developer2
    • modules
      • modulefiles
        • amber
        • autodock

The current module configuration files will automatically pick up new versions of installed applications if this structure is followed. When a completely new package is installed, the systems administration staff will need to generate a module file for that application.

The folder /opt/nasapps/appsetup contains example scripts for several commonly-used applications. These scripts have been used by ABCC staff but have not been extensively tested against a variety of input files.

The /opt/nasapps/applibs folder is completely unsupported by ITOG. It is present as a convenience for ABCC developers and should be considered as unstable and untested.