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Software Environment

The ATRF cluster has a variety of software packages installed. The base operating system is Ubuntu 12.04LTS and this is consistent across all systems. In addition to the base OS, many development and run-time libraries and helper programs like gnuplot are installed from the Ubuntu distribution. For developers, the GNU, Intel, and PGI compilers are available. Ubuntu Linux is a derivative of Debian Linux and inherits Debian’s history of supporting a large number of applications and of having current versions of packages generally available.  The LTS designation expands to “Long Term Support” and, in this case, means that the current distribution will be supported by Canonical through the last quarter of 2017.*

The majority of the ?interesting? applications however has been compiled from source and is installed under /opt/nasapps and is available across all systems. Applications here are divided into two categories. Packages under /opt/nasapps/production have been tested, installed by the ITOG system administrators, and are considered stable. Developers in ISP have full access to this directory tree /opt/nasapps/development and any programs installed here have not been vetted by the systems staff and may be not be stable for any period of time.

A workflow has been developed for the installation and validation of new software packages. If a new program is needed, put in a helpdesk change request with the package details. The request should be marked with ?ABCC scientific software? to be routed to the proper developers for installation.