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NBACC/NCI NICBR Bioinformatics Symposium and Workshop
December 12, 2012
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0830-0900 Symposium Registration and Coffee
0900-0910 Symposium Opening Remarks and Objectives
0915-0945 Xin Zheng (LIB, NIAID) - Application of the PacBio to sequence the antigenic variation controlling major surface glycoprotein of the human pneumocystis pathogen
0950-1020 Hui Yang (GRCBL-FNL) - Application of the PacBio to sequence through DNA palindromes in plasmids and yeast genomic DNA
1025-1110 Coffee and Poster Viewing
1115-1145 Steve Schroeder (USDA) - Using PacBio reads in a hybrid assembly of African cattle (bos indicus) (confirmed)
1150-1220 Sergey Koren (NBACC) - Hybrid sequence assembly
1225-1400 lunch on your own; poster viewing
1400-1430 Ben Langmead (Johns Hopkins Univ.) - Differential methylation analysis using Bsmooth
1435-1505 Jonas Korlach (Pacific Biosciences) - Methylome analysis using the PacBio sequencing platform and its applications
1510-1540 Todd Treangen (NBACC) - the metAMOS metagenomic analysis pipeline
1540-1600 Symposium wrap up

General Information

For conference related questions please contact Bob Stephens

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