AIDS and Cancer Virus Program

The AIDS and Cancer Virus Program is a multidisciplinary group within NCI at Frederick that researches retroviruses and cancer-inducing viruses and their effects on the host.

Within the Program, the Retroviral Assembly Section studies cellular and viral aspects of HIV-1 assembly and applies the unique properties of retroviruses to the study of biological questions . One of our approaches is to study the host proteins incorporated inside and on the surface of HIV-1.

We want this database of cellular proteins in HIV-1 to be useful to the scientific community. Please share comments, questions, corrections or additions with us ( Also, please share your newly published protein discoveries and procedures using the links on the left of this page.

This database is exportable by clicking the "export database" button on the "Host proteins in HIV-1" page.

Due to multiple proteins names in current use, we strongly advise that searches be made with Uniprot accession numbers