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How to Get Started

If you are interested in learning more about FACILITY and the LASP online access system, it is recommended that you contact LASP to schedule for an overview session of the system features. Once you have decided that you would like to begin tracking your animal colony data in the FACILITY database, the following steps are recommended:

  bullet Discuss with your group to identify those interested in the system
  bullet Involve the technicians working in the animal facility in your decision
  bullet Assess your needs and the level of detail that you would like to track in the system
  bullet Complete and submit the PI Data Requirements Form
  bullet New technicians will require formal training prior to accessing the system
  bullet Schedule a meeting with the interested individuals and the technical staff that will be entering your data to establish a plan for implementation. Discussions should include at the very least [1] how the groups should be set-up in the system; [2] the data requirements for each group; and [3] a plan and date for implementation.

After required training has been completed and the technician has discussed investigator requirements and the plan for implementation, LASP recommends the following requirements to ensure successful data management:

  bullet Review the online system on a frequent basis to ensure accuracy
  bullet Keep technical staff involved in colony management plans and decisions
  bullet Communicate needs, issues, concerns
  bullet Ensure timely and accurate data entry
  bullet Communicate with the investigator
  bullet Always ask for help if there is a question

The data available is only as accurate as how it is entered, monitored, and maintained ... TEAMWORK is key!

Please contact LASP if you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation or use of these systems.


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