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Shared Services Help

Welcome to the Accessioning System.

The CRTP/LASP Accessioning System (or CSAS) was created to provide investigators and core service personnel with an automated means of placing, reviewing, and tracking requests made for CRTP and LASP support at The Frederick National Laboratory.

Each request for service at the Frederick National Lab is carefully tracked and reviewed. At any time the requestor may view the current disposition of their requests using this system.

Determining the Appropriate Service Area:
Investigators who are not familiar with the Frederick National Lab may have difficulty choosing the appropriate Core Service when placing a new request.  The Frederick National Lab Advanced Technology Program and LASP websites provide an overview of each Core Service program and the services they offer.  In addition, requestors can contact the office of the Program Administrator, Advanced Technology Program for further assistance.

Help Using the Online Accessioning System:  Requestors can contact the Frederick Webmaster for assistance using the online accessioning system.

Service Request Submission Guide for the Frederick National Laboratory, Laboratory Animal Science Program (LASP) and CRTP

  1. Go to the Accessioning System web site:
  2. At the Accessioning System web site choose from either "I have used this system before" or "I am a new user" and follow the directions. Your description of the work to be performed can be based on discussions with your CRTP or LASP laboratory point of contact.
  3. If you have used the system before but have forgotten your password, go to the "I forgot my password" option on the left of the web page. Enter the information requested. You will receive an e-mail containing your password.
  4. Be sure to select the appropriate CRTP or LASP service. When you submit your request, an e-mail is sent to that service. You must enter the e-mail address of your administrative officer or approving official (AO), who has fiscal authority to review your budget.
  5. If you believe you qualify for partial Frederick National Lab Office of the Director Research Support (ODRS) Program funding, you can check the ODRS funding request box at this point. If you choose this funding option, you should also indicate whether or not you are a member of CCR. Criteria for ODRS funding can be found at
  6. The CRTP or LASP service that you have identified will prepare a cost estimate and enter it into the system. The system then sends you an e-mail that details this cost information.
  7. Upon receiving a cost estimate, return to the Accessioning System web site and either accept or reject it.
  8. If you accept the cost estimate, the system will send an e-mail to Frederick National Lab OD for scope review by the Assistant Project Officers for CRTP or LASP, respectively.
  9. Following scope approval, your AO will need to approve the expenditure (100% of the cost estimate if ODRS funding is not requested) by e-mail. For CRTP-specific ODRS requests, the system will also solicit approval from OD (if non-CCR, Assistant Project Officer for CRTP) or CCR (Associate Director, OSTR). All LASP-specific ODRS requests also need approval from OD (Assistant Project Officer for LASP). ODRS funding may be granted for up to 50% of the cost estimate, or possibly more with CRTP-specific requests from CCR investigators.
  10. Upon approval, the system will notify the appropriate CRTP/LASP service and work on your pilot project will begin. If disallowed, please follow up with your AO, or OD, or CCR (see #8 above) if ODRS funding was requested, before reengaging the CRTP/LASP.

If you encounter any difficulties, please call your point of contact for CRTP, Melissa Castle (301-228-4678), or LASP, Wayne Christensen (301-846-1567) for advice on how to proceed.