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Powerpoint presentation:
Pathology and Histology in Phenotyping a Mouse Model
Miriam R. Anver, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACVP,
Sr. Staff Pathologist, PHL


Book chapter:

    Copeland [Haines], D., Eustis, S. Specialized Modified Sebaceous Glands (Zymbal, Preputial, Anal, Clitoral) in Pathology of the F344 Rat. Boorman, G. ed. Academic Press, Inc., 279-293 (1990)

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The Zebrafish Information Network
The Zebrafish book
Trout histology

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Xenbase: a Xenopus web resource
Xenopus links

Book chapter:

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Comparative Pathology


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An Atlas of Xenopus Embryogenesis
Axeldb database


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Aberrant crypt foci


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    PMID: 14523302 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Immuno Histopathology

Immunology Antibody Database


    Jhappan, C., Yusufazai, T., Anderson , S., Anver, M. , Merlino, G. The p53 Response to DNA Damage in vivo is DNA-PK Independent. Molecular and Cellular Biology 20:4075-4083, 2000.


(link to thumbnail photos including Cancer Research front cover)


    Hildesheim , J., Bulavin, D.V., Anver, M.R. , Alvord, W.G., Fornace Jr., A.J. Gadd45a protects against UV irradiation-induced skin tumors, and promotes apoptosis and stress signaling via stress MAPK kinases and p53. Cancer Research 2002; 62: 7305-7315

American College of Veterinary Pathology

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MMHCC nomenclature workshops



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    Haines, D., Ward, J. Otitis media in aging B6,129 mice. Pathology of Mutant Animal Models 2002, Houston , TX , February 12-16, 2002.

NIH Mouse 101

Powerpoint presentation:

    MOUSE 101 Histopathology (2005)
    Diana C. Haines, DVM, Diplomate, ACVP

    (link title, MOUSE 101 Histopathology (2005), to File: HistoPath MOUSE 101 (on NIH Mouse 101 Course Presentations disk))

Web cast (NIH only):

    Imaging Mice, Imaging Tumors, Murine Histology and Murine Pathology (NIH Only)
    Monday, May 23, 2005
    M. Simpson, S. Libutti , M. Anver and D. Haines
    Total Running Time: 02:00:13

Book Chapters

Anver, M.R., Haines, D.C .   Gerontology.  In: The Laboratory Mouse Handbook.  (2004)   Academic Press, Chapter 21: 327-343.

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Animal Health Surveillance


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Antibody Resource page

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