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Subject / Author / Citation Alert Service

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Subject / Author / Citation Alert Service

Let the staff at the Scientific Library set up an alert, or current awareness search, for you. Alerts can be run weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the resource. This service enables you to receive timely updates on the latest developments in the area of your choice. Alerts are sent to your e-mail address.

We can create alert profiles to:

  • Monitor news and journal coverage of your research area
  • Track advances in research and development
  • Uncover important technological advances
  • Stay current on biomedical and drug research
  • Identify new research opportunities
  • Track product life cycles
  • Stay abreast of regulations and legislation
  • Know when an author of interest publishes a new article
  • Monitor whom is citing your work or citations of interest
Information on databases that provide alerts

How to request an alert:

  1. Complete the electronic form and check "Yes" when asked if you want the search as an alert.
  2. A librarian will complete an initial search* from the database of your choice and send the results to you to make sure that the search is finding what you want.
  3. Approve the search and specify how often you want to receive the alerts (frequency may depend upon database selected).
  4. Sit back and enjoy your alerts as they arrive in your e-mail box.

*Any possible search costs that may accrue are charged back to individual programs. If this need arises, you will be contacted for approval and signature authorization prior to searching. This rarely occurs, as most of the resources are provided by the Library.

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Table of Contents Alerts

E-mail delivery of journal tables of contents may be generated using several resources provided by the Library:
**NOTE: Registration is usually required to receive alerts. You will need to register with each provider.