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ODRS Funding

The NCI-Frederick Office of the Director Research Support (ODRS) Program:

ODRS is a funding source provided to NCI investigators for pilot studies conducted with the AIDS Cancer Virus Program (ACVP), and for Laboratory Animal Science Program (LASP) the following core programs:

  • Pathology/Histotechnology Laboratory (PHL, LASP)
  • Mouse Model Core Technologies Laboratory (genetically engineered mouse models and cryopreservation services) (TMM LASP)
  • Animal Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (AMDL LASP)
  • High-Throughput Animal Genotyping Laboratory (HTGT LASP)
  • Small Animal Imaging Program (SAIP, LASP)
  • Quantitative Molecular Diagnostic Core (QMDC, ACVP)
  • Genome Modification Core (GMC, LASP)

The NCI at Frederick’s Office of Scientific Operations (OSO) may support a percentage of the cost of pilot studies that meet specific requirements as described.

Criteria for ODRS Funding

  • ODRS-supported pilot studies are neither Technology Development Projects (“Innovation” and “Progression”, fully funded by OSO), nor routine Core Services (fully funded by an investigator).
  • ODRS-funded pilot studies typically have a small number of samples and controls and are characterized by one or more of the following criteria:
    1. They test the feasibility of newly developed technology and/or determining the suitability of newly developed capabilities for subsequent use as a LASP Core Service.
    2. They carry a higher risk for successful completion than routine Shared Service studies.
    3. They are investigatory in nature; as such, a defined end product or result is not guaranteed.
    4. They are new work, not simply the continuation of existing studies with previous ODRS support or an extension of Shared Service work.
    5. May represent the application of a new technology to a continuing study.

Mechanism for Obtaining ODRS Funding

  1. NCI investigators seeking ODRS funding for their pilot study should first discuss their situation and needs with either ACVP LASP laboratory director/scientist.
    • If not sure who is the director/scientist, please call the LASP or ACVP point of contact, Jim Cherry (240-292-0242)
  2. LASP-specific Core Service Requests should be prepared analogously by the investigator in conjunction with the LASP laboratory director/scientist. Approval by OSO (Contracting Office Representative for LASP/ACVP) is required for all requests regardless of investigator’s NCI affiliation.
  3. The requesting NCI investigator is expected to contribute a percentage of the estimated costs of the pilot study.
  4. The LASP/ACVP laboratory director/scientist will then provide a cost estimate to the requesting NCI investigator for agreement.
  5. Typical ODRS contributions range from $1,000 to $10,000. Requests for funds in excess of this amount will be considered, but will require additional review.
  6. Should actual project costs exceed the approved estimate for any reason, work will be suspended until additional funds are secured through a separate Shared Service Request.

Please note that NCI at Frederick OD Research Support funds are not available to investigators from other NIH institutes, other government agencies, or non-government institutions and enterprises.