Recycling, Reusing, and Reinvigorating our world.

The FNL Green Team is dedicated to promoting ways that the FNL Community can be stewards of the environment at Fort Detrick and in our daily lives. This webpage contains web resources, tips, and upcoming 'Green' events to serve as a resource for the FNL Community to find information on how they can be ‘green’ at work and at home.

Holiday Recycling Tips and Resources

There are a lot of great resources for recycling during the holidays. Some of the links listed below offer great ideas on reducing Holiday waste.


Look for the Recycled Reads boxes located in the lobbys of buildings 426, 560 and 549. Bring your gently read magazines and drop them off. The Green Team will donate them to local health care facilites for their patients and visitors to enjoy.

Also look for recycling bins located in the Café and throughout offices and labs.

Spring Plant Swap

The next plant swap will be at the Spring Research Festival. More details coming soon!

Going Green

Remember real trees are recyclable. For more information on recycling your holiday greens there is information online for Frederick County and the state of Maryland.

Start planning your garden now using an app. There are many apps available for both the iPad and Google platforms. It provides an easy way to plan your garden including dates for planting your crop.

Not sure what to do with your old computers? You can recycle them at places like e-End, a local electronics recycling company. For more information go to:


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