Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Mr. Evan Schauer, senior at University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley and 2015 Student Jeopardy Winner
Fall 2015

Evan Schauer

Playing in the Science Jeopardy Tournament was some of the most fun I’ve had this summer. The questions really piqued my interest with general knowledge of science and history, and I could feel my heart thundering right before I would answer. I’ve always enjoyed trivia games, and it’s cool to see how much information you’ve accumulated through years of reading and listening. All those random facts that your teacher forces you to memorize or you just think are interesting suddenly pop up, and when you answer correctly, you feel like you’ve actually been learning more than you think you have. Getting to meet other summer interns was awesome; too often I think of myself as part of just one lab, and not as a part of a larger scientific community of budding scientists. I was very thankful to be able to play, and even more grateful to be working here in the first place. Every day before work I would have to remind myself that this was real, I had taken a brochure and turned it into one of the most fun and productive summers I’ve ever had. I’m thankful for everyone in the Chemical Biology Laboratory and especially the Schnermann lab for making me feel at home and helping me every step of the way.