Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Larry Keefer, Head of the Drug Design Section of the Chemical Biology Laboratory
Winter 2014

Larry Keefer

I am Larry Keefer and I have been a most enthusiastic supporter of our Scientific Library since I first moved my lab to Frederick in 1983. A good library is essential to progress in any research effort, and ours is outstanding. Staff members are uniformly knowledgeable, engaging, and especially friendly to work with. They have the uncanny ability to track down any document their customers request, no matter how obscure. Journal holdings and reference works are excellent in their coverage and accessibility, both online and in print. And the staff is always ready to help.

Here are some out-of-the-ordinary examples of what the Scientific Library staff has done for my research group recently:

  • Maintained my group's nitric oxide web site, https://ccr2.cancer.gov/resources/Cbl/Diazeniumdiolate/, including making it 508-compliant
  • Provided a detailed analysis to see who was visiting that site
  • Did a similar analysis to see whether people are citing our published work
  • Helped in formatting Reference Manager citations in the styles the journals require

This information has proven truly invaluable to my research effort over the years. My colleagues and I, as well as everyone else involved in research on NCI's Frederick campus, are truly lucky to have ready access to this outstanding resource.