Off-Site Access: Terms of Use

  • The National Cancer Institute at Frederick (NCI-F) Scientific Library EZ Proxy server enables employees who are located off-site access to online resources licensed by the Scientific Library or those available to employees via the NIH Libraries Consortium license agreements.
  • Whenever the Library purchases access to an online resource such as a database or an online journal, a license agreement must be signed. These agreements restrict access to Authorized Users (i.e. NCI-F employees).
  • Such agreements typically stipulate that it is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that online resources are used for personal and/or educational non-commercial purposes without systematically downloading, printing, distributing, or retaining substantial portions. Please respect the copyright of owners as well as any user restrictions that may be identified as you visit these resources. Users are advised to read the Notice of Copyright / Use Restrictions for Electronic Resources Purchased by the NCI-F Scientific Library posted on the Library's web site.
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate off-site use of the Library‚Äôs online resources should any unauthorized use be discovered, including sharing of privileges with non-authorized individuals.
  • To access licensed electronic resources from off-site, you must use the EZ Proxy server if you use a third party Internet Service Provider (e.g. AOL, Earthlink) via DSL, cable, ISDN, or regular dial-up modem. [You may use your NIH VPN account instead of the proxy server.]
  • Older versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer are not recommended for use with off-site access.
  • Non-NCI-F employees may use any unrestricted features of resources from the Main Page of the Library's Web Site.