SPGM File Drop

Welcome to SPGM’s automated file transfer Instructions.

To upload a document:

  • Enter the requested contact information.
  • Click the “Select File” button below. A navigation window will appear. Browse to the desired file and click on the “Open” button (“Choose” button on the Mac) to select the file. The file will be selected and you will be returned to this page.
  • Use “Select Another File” button for each file you want to add. You can choose as many files as you need up to the 2 GB file limit.
  • Click the “Upload” button to send us your chosen file(s).
  • Once the transfer is initiated, your file will be uploaded to our server and scanned for viruses. This may take some time, depending on the number and size of your file(s).


  • You can upload file(s) up to 2 GB per request.
  • Do not include any special characters (“ #, @, &, |, % ”) or space in a file name.

Browser compatibility:

This site has been tested with Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows only), and Mozilla Firefox. Contact the webmaster at ncifwebmaster@nih.gov if you encounter any difficulties (please include your operating system and version, and your browser and version).