The ATRF Scientific Library

The ATRF Scientific Library is a small satellite library designed to offer library support to the research staff at the Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF). It is primarily an electronic library. Needed books and journal articles will be retrieved from the main library in a timely manner. A small collection of current print journals and newspapers is on display at the library. A list of titles appears below.

The ATRF Library houses four computers with printing and downloading capabilities, as well as a small study room with three carrels providing private work areas. Tables and chairs outside the ATRF Library offer an area to get away from the lab for a change of scenery.

Librarians at the ATRF Library are available to assist with literature searches, and to help with other information or citation management questions. The librarians can also visit offices or work areas to provide individual assistance as needed.

The ATRF Library is located on the second floor, in the E wing, Room E2003, near the Wellness Center. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Call the ATRF Library at 301-228-4942, or contact the main Scientific Library.

List of Print Journals and Newspapers at the ATRF Library

  • Anticancer Research
  • Cancer Discovery
  • Cancer Immunology Research
  • Cancer Letter
  • Frederick News Post
  • Genes & Development
  • International Journal of Oncology
  • Molecular Cancer Research
  • Molecular Cancer Therapeutics
  • Nature
  • Nature Medicine
  • Science
  • Science News
  • Scientific American