• 17th Annual FNLCR Achievement Awards
  • New Phone System Coming to NCI Campus at Frederick
  • Hazardous Biological Materials Management
  • Designing RNA Nanoscaffolds to Deliver Drugs
  • This is a peer-nominated awards program, so all employees are invited to participate and to nominate their colleagues.
  • Starting September 2014, the existing Avaya phones at the NCI at Frederick campus are being replaced over the next 18 months with new VoIP (Voice over IP) phones. The VoIP system uses the same infrastructure and wiring as what’s currently being used by the computers connected to the NCI at Frederick network.
  • A new web page has been created to aid in the comprehensive search and survey of select agents, toxins and biological materials and to ensure proper storage.
  • Bruce Shapiro, Ph.D., a Senior Investigator in the Basic Research Laboratory in NCI's Center for Cancer Research, has developed nanoscale tools to take advantage of the ability of a kind of RNA called RNAi to silence genes.
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