NCI at Frederick Web Help

The site infrastructure has changed to reflect the many changes at the institutes over the last several years. We understand that this may cause some confusion, but hope that as we continue to move forward with re-organizing the site base on new institutional needs the transition will not be too painful.

In addition, some sections of the facility have recently been re-named from the NCI at Frederick to the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR). Given the number of pages on the website, correctly updating references will be an ongoing process that could take a few months. We thank you in advance for your patience.

I need help with my computer.

If you are experiencing issues with your hardware or software, contact the Computer Helpdesk at 301-846-5115. You may also submit a help ticket online through the C&SS Request Assistance system.

I need help with an error I experienced on the website.

We are sorry that you have experienced an issue with any of our websites. Please e-mail the Frederick Webmaster with your issues, or you may call 301-846-5115. When submitting an issue, we recommend including the following information:

  • The name of the section or application in which you experienced the issue (e.g. the Yellow Task system, or the forms page, etc.)
  • If possible, provide the link to the page in question. Or if a link cannot be provided, send a screen capture of the page. You can do this by clicking on the PrtScn button on your keyboard, and then pasting the image into MS Word (or directly in an e-mail if you are using Outlook as your e-mail client).
  • What type of computer you are using (Mac or PC), and what Browser you are using (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE)

I cannot find my content on the new website. Where is it?

The NCI at Frederick website has a very high volume of content, which included web pages, documents, and images. To quickly find your content you may use one of the following options:

  • Use the enhanced Search Function located in the page header to search the full website, or
  • Check the NCI at Frederick Site Map to find your content. Only content that has been moved into the new look and feel will be included in the site map.

There are broken links on my web page.

Again, the NCI at Frederick has a very high volume of web content. With this volume it is possible that some links will break due to:

  • Content being moved or re-named as part of the re-organization effort.
  • Content from other sites that we do not control being moved or re-named.
  • Links within documents or forms posted online being changed.

We do our best to avoid broken links, such as adding page specific redirects when appropriate or running link checking software; however we cannot actively monitor all content. The most common indication of a dead link is a 404 error. If you see this message, please report it to the Frederick Webmaster.

My bookmarks and favorites do not work.

Bookmarks (FireFox) and Favorites (IE) are stored locally on your machine. If you are experiencing issue with these browser features you will need to have an MCS technician come to your work station to look at your device (computer, tablet or smartphone). To book a technician, contact the Computer Helpdesk at 301-846-5115. You may also submit a help ticket online through the C&SS Request Assistance system.