The Acquisition Departments are responsible for selecting the most efficient and cost effective method of procuring supplies and services, including maximizing the use of commercial products and services, promoting competition and minimizing administrative operating costs. The three procuring departments are:


The Purchasing Department is responsible for the acquisition of all commercially available products supporting NCI at Frederick operations. It also supports the other on-site contractors under contract with NCI and other NCI and National Institute of Health (NIH) programs. The Purchasing Department has three main groups:

  • Supplies and Services Team

    Responsible for the acquisition of all supplies and commercial services. Supplies include requests from the Facilities Maintenance and Engineering (FME) shops and the Consolidated Warehouse, live animals and veterinary supplies, radioisotopes, media and sera, chemicals and reagents, biopharmaceuticals, research & development production supplies, laboratory furniture, computer related supplies, office supplies, and other related industrial and laboratory items. Services include printing, temporary staffing contracts, relocation, couriers, and lab analysis testing.

  • Equipment and Maintenance Team

    Responsible for:
    1. the acquisition of all capital equipment, system-specific software, installation, start-up supplies and initial hardware and software maintenance to render the system operable, office furniture, system furniture and design services.
    2. the repair of equipment, software support agreements and for service maintenance agreements for laboratory and administrative equipment.
  • Acquisition Support Team

    Responsible for the Purchase Card program, Blanket Purchase Order program, and the cellular/wireless program. Also responsible for providing support to buying groups, i.e. processes bids proposals and solicitations, Contracting Officer's Authorization (COA) when required.

Subcontracts and Intellectual Property

Includes items not commercially marketed, such as major research and development projects, technical services to meet customer requirements, and consultant agreements.

Includes design, construction and renovation projects, and real property leasing.