The OTS Contracts and Acquisitions Directorate

The Contracts and Acquisitions Directorate (C&A) provides all purchasing, subcontracting, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and transportation services for the NCI at Frederick operations and specific subcontracting support for the NCI, Bethesda, the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, and other Institutes. C&A contains the following acquisition departments:

Acquisitions Departments
Purchasing The Purchasing Department is responsible for the acquisition of all commercially available products
and services supporting FNL operations. It also supports the other on-site contractors under contract
with NCI and other NCI and NIH programs.
and Intellectual
Includes items not commercially marketed, such as major research and development projects, technical
services to meet customer requirements, and consultant agreements.

Includes design, construction and renovation projects, and real property leasing.