Important information follows that relate to how procurements must be handled from purchase request through the closure of the purchase order.

Procurement Authority and Delegation

There are three procurement mechanisms - Purchase Request (PR), Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with blanket order releases, and the Credit Card. The rules for the buys are consistent across all three mechanisms (if not restricted in the procedures for some reason, such as capital equipment, radioisotopes, etc.)

What separates each mechanism, however, is where the procurement authority resides. An end-user originally has no procurement authority, so must submit PR's. With Blanket Order training, an end-user gains limited procurement authority and may place orders against and in accordance with the Blanket Purchase Agreement, which is the commercial contract established by the Buyer/Subcontract Administrator. With the Credit Card program, there is one level. All procurements must be at or below the micropurchase threshold of $3K.

Unauthorized procurement means that someone lacking the proper procurement authority procured something, thus requiring ratification for payment by the OTS. Someone with procurement authority is authorized from the date they are trained and sign the training completion document until some action ends it, such as retirement or losing the privilege of holding this authority.