Acquisition Type Approving Official Approval Process
Hard Drives, Operating Systems, and equipment having a computer Computer and Statistical Services Any acquisition for hard drives, operating systems (Windows 7, VISTA, etc.), and all equipment having a computer require IT approval for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Trade Act and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).
Select Agents DEA Controlled Substances, Radioisotopes OTS Safety Officer Any acquisition that requires the delivery, shipping, disposal or handling of Select Agents must be reviewed for comment and instructions.
See for list of Select Agents.
Capital Equipment and other items as specified OTS Contractor Environment Health & Safety Coordinator Chemical Fume Hoods or Biosafety cabinets not available on requirements contracts. Any ventilated enclosure requiring exhaust (i.e. benchtop, necropsy, anesthesia, powder weighing, robot enclosure and balance enclosure hoods)
(Note: Equipment of checklists have been pre-approved by EHS)
Live animals, rodent sera, rodent-derived products OTS Laboratory Animal Sciences Program Coordinator All purchases for live animals, rodent sera, and rodent-derived products must be approved by the OTS Coordinator of the Laboratory Animal Sciences Program for review in compliance with HHS policy.
Capital Equipment, Accountable Property and Sensitive Items OTS Contractor Property Office The Property Office reviews purchase request for accountable property items to determine if items are available from excess property. (See Definitions for capital equipment and accountable property and list of sensitive items on Attachment 2)
Capital Equipment The OTS Contractor Budget/Cost Management Department The Budget/Cost Management Office reviews Purchase Requests for capital equipment to ensure availability of capital equipment funds (Leidos and NCI programs only).
Capital Equipment Building Coordinator Building Coordinators review purchases of capital equipment to determine adequacy of utility and space requirements. Attach Technical data and/or vendor literature to the Purchase Request.