COA is the obligatory process of obtaining approval by the NCI Contracting Office prior to making award/placing order for some procurement actions. The following types of actions shall be sent by the appropriate C&A Acquisitions Department to the NCI Contracting Officer for consent prior to award:

  • Purchase or lease of real property or any interest therein;
  • Any subcontract requirements for facilities renovation, alteration, repair, maintenance, construction, or Architect-Engineer (A-E) consultant services related to facilities shall be submitted immediately prior to award when the proposed subcontract (or delivery order under a subcontract) amount exceeds that which can be reasonably managed within the total fiscally approved (or concept approved in the case of A-E/consultant services) project budget. In addition, modifications to the foregoing types of subcontracts shall be submitted immediately prior to award when the amount of the modification to the particular subcontract exceeds either $50,000 or the cumulative amount of all modifications exceed 10% of the original subcontract amount. Any modification to an approved subcontract that will cause the subcontract amount to exceed the MSR ceiling for the project shall also be submitted;
  • Foreign and legal services subcontracts; (see FAR 52.244-2)
  • Any requirements for advisory and assistance services and any consultant agreements (excluding A&E services referenced above) for which costs will be incurred under this contract, or any use of Leidos personnel in an advisory or assistance service capacity (see OTS Contract B.4.a.(5));
  • Any sale/barter of supplies or services generated under this contract;
  • The acquisition by lease or purchase of any motor vehicle;
  • Promotional items (includes, but is not limited to: clothing and commemorative items such as pens, mugs/cups, folders/folios, lanyards, and conference bags that are sometimes provided to visitors, employees, grantees, or conference attendees)

Advanced Payments should be avoided, but if necessary COA is required prior to making award in accordance with discussions and agreement with the NCI.

The costs for these items or activities shall be unallowable as direct costs unless ratified by Contracts & Acquisitions Management.