The procurement of capital equipment has a specific set of processes. A complete PR package must be received by the Purchasing Department in order to begin the procurement process. The requirements follow:

Definition of Capital Equipment

Capital equipment is defined as non-expendable equipment with a system acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and a life expectancy of at least two (2) years.

Preparing the Capital Equipment PR Package

Complete a Purchase Request listing the items and/or system(s) with a recognizable description. The approver is the person with signature authorization for the total dollar amount for the listed project number. The Deliver-to field refers to the building and room where the equipment will be delivered and used.

Note: With the amount of information required for capital equipment purchases, please do not submit other extraneous information. It does not replace required information, and it either impedes the progress of the procurement or does not help. Information on the PR includes:

  1. List items and/or systems with a recognizable description and manufacturer's catalog numbers
  2. PR signature authorization for capital equipment for the listed project number

Information to be submitted as part of the PR package:

  1. Product literature - vendor literature of the equipment being requested
  2. Quotes - all quotes obtained during market research
  3. Routing Slip - signed by the appropriate Building Coordina
  4. Limiting Competition - a justification form is required if competition is to be limited or no competition is anticipated. The Justification for Single/Sole Source form (CG3) or Vendor Recommendation form (CG3a), must be competed and submitted with the PR, which documents the facts leading to this conclusion.
  5. Other forms. Two other forms, the Worksheet for Limited Competition and the Product Comparison Worksheet may also be used to capture pertinent market research information.
  6. Essential features - if limiting to one manufacturer, list those features that determined the decision
  7. Acceptable manufacturers - list acceptable manufacturers as part of the PR package, if applicable
  8. Trade-in - for trade-in of government-owned property, indicate the decal number/serial number of the equipment and list the trade-in allowance on the PR.
  9. Standardized Equipment Checklist - submit appropriate checklist for standardized equipment category form, if applicable (see C&A Forms at for checklists).
  10. Alternate Models for Standardized Equipment - submit justification for equipment if requesting a manufacturer/model other than those on the Standard Equipment Checklist Form (see C&A Forms at for checklists).

Obtaining Additional Required Signature Approvals

Additional signature approvals are transmitted via CostPoint workflow for Finance (for Leidos and NCI programs), EHS (when required), C&SS (for IT approvals) and Property approvals. See CostPoint Procedure Manual – Purchase Request Approval Process section.

Cancellation and Return of Incomplete PR Packages

Capital equipment purchase request packages received incomplete may be cancelled in CostPoint and returned to the requestor listed on the PR with a Return of Capital Equipment Purchase Request Form listing the missing information or approvals. An e-mail notification will be sent to the requestor and approver indicating the cancellation of the PR package.

Capital Equipment Communication Chain

The requestor and approver listed on the PR will receive a status update e-mail as listed below:

Event Acquisition Action Program Area Action
PR Received Incomplete in Purchasing Cancel PR, return package with cover memo to requestor listed on PR with copy to approver listing missing information Assemble a complete package, forward through all required additional signatures to Purchasing
PR Received Complete and in queue (if needed) for processing An e-mail will be received by the PR requestor indicating PR has been entered into CostPoint and pending approval process. N/A
Complete PR package assigned to Buyer for processing An e-mail will be sent to the PR requestor indicating PR has been approved and distributed to the buying staff. N/A
Received alternate low bid proposal An e-mail will be sent to requestor for acceptance or justification Reply to e-mail
Award made to vendor An e-mail will be sent to the PR requestor indicating the order is pending C & A final approval (all capital equipment procurements require final review and approval of C & A Management to ensure Prime contract compliance.) N/A