1. Purchasing's goal is to issue Purchase Orders for all PR packages submitted by the deadline date before year end that include all required approvals and documentation as noted above
  2. Purchasing will send status update when PR package given to Buyer
  3. Purchasing will send status update when PO is placed
  4. Purchasing will return incomplete packages to requestor
  5. Purchasing will only commence procurements for complete PR submittals
  6. All purchase requests issued after the deadline date will be entered into CostPoint which commits the funds to the current fiscal year
  7. Purchasing will work with the Building Coordinator and the Program Areas to award and have delivery coordinated to the maximum extent
  8. Purchasing will not obtain required signatures or required documentation for requestor

Capital Equipment Responsibilities

Scientific Program Area Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure there is adequate space for the equipment either in the laboratory at the time or placed in the very near future
  2. Provide all information concerning equipment and delivery requirements to administrative area and ultimately Purchasing to facilitate a streamlined procurement process
  3. Submit all initial quotes obtained as part of market research
  4. Submit the completed Checklist form for standardized equipment, such as Biological Safety Cabinets
  5. Justify and submit any request for limiting competition with the initial PR information
  6. Provide justification for any expedited and/or emergency delivery requirements with the initial information
  7. Notify the administrative program area staff of any change in delivery requirements

Administrative Program Area Responsibilities:

  1. Verify all required signatures prior to commencing the procurement
  2. Return requisition packages to requestor that do not contain all required information and approvals
  3. Conducts procurements in accordance with all federal requirements, terms and conditions of the prime contract utilizing best business practices and the highest ethics standard
  4. Process procurements in order of receipt of complete package, taking into consideration the bona fide delivery requirement time or any adjusted time requirement
  5. Route request for additional funds through Finance for approval if needed
  6. Processes all necessary documents for items to be returned to vendors for credit and/or replacement (includes Administrative Determination Letter for trade-in of equipment prior to award)