To expedite equipment procurements for categories commonly used by the Facility, requirement type contracts have been established for multiple manufacturers. Checklists are established as forms listing the models and costs.

The models for each category are provided on a checklist form (see Forms .) Attach the form to the Purchase Request and competition requirements will have been met. NOTE: Models other than those listed on the form will require a justification explaining the specific requirements that are not met by the contracts.

Brand or Equal

Brand or Equal requirements may be used for competitive procurement of items. The requestor specifies the manufacturer and model that best fits the requirements, and lists those features that determined the selection. These features become the salient characteristics.

To ensure proper competitive analysis, it is essential to clearly identify the specific item named by brand(s) and its salient characteristics. This information becomes the criteria against which alternate products are assessed. Details follow:

  1. Complete common identification of the item
  2. Applicable model, make, or catalog number for each brand name product referenced, and identifying, if applicable, the commercial catalog in which it appears
  3. Name of manufacturer, producer, or distributor of each brand name product referenced (address and phone number if company is not well known)
  4. All salient characteristics of the brand name product or products which have been determined by the requestor to be essential to meet the minimum physical and/or functional requirements.

The vendor proposal shall meet those salient characteristics in order to be considered responsive. Any proposal not meeting the criteria will not be considered for an award.