All purchases for controlled substances for the Frederick National Lab campus site must be approved and controlled by the OTS Controlled Substance Coordinator, Dr. Raja Sriperumbudur, extension 5577. Dr. Jeremy Smedley, DVM, is the Alternate Coordinator.

See EHS Controlled Substances page for a list of controlled substances and EHS questions and answers.

Complete PR and provide the following additional information:

  1. DEA Schedule - 2, 2n ,3 ,3n ,4 or 5*
  2. Protocol number and intended usage
  3. Recipients name**

Use the Routing Sheet to obtain additional approvals:

  1. Program Area Drug Control Officer
  2. Program Director
  3. Biological Safety Officer, EHS

*Note DEA List 1 products are regulated chemicals, not controlled substances, and therefore do not require routing for EHS signature approval.

**If recipient is not already on the Controlled Substance log sheet, training must be completed through the OTS EHS before the order can be placed.