It is the program area's responsibility to 1) assure funding is available for the procurement, and 2) provide appropriate signature authorizations, required information and justifications to fulfill the prime contract requirements.

Prior to completing the Purchase Request, the appropriate project number must be determined. The funds are tracked through the procurement stages as follows:

A. Project Number and Funding

  1. Funds are committed to the contract year and project number that the Purchase Request is entered into CostPoint
  2. Funds are encumbered when the purchase order is entered into CostPoint
  3. Funds are expensed when the invoice is paid.

All supplies and services procured by any of the OTS Acquisitions Departments must be requested on an Leidos-Purchase Request. Because the amount of information required is based on the complexity, approval requirements, and competitive nature of the requirement, additional signatures and justifications may be needed.

B. Determine Need for Approvals and Justifications

Signature Approvals

  • PR - approval for the mission related need and authorizes funds for the listed project number.
  • Additional signatures - as listed below for specific procurements


  • Procurements greater than $3K must be competed or justified to limit competition.