Upfront Memo Required. (No PR Required, unless freight, shipping, or supply costs required)

Before a vendor can place a piece of loaned equipment at the Facility a memorandum must be submitted to the Purchasing Department as soon as the need is known.

Loaned equipment is defined as equipment provided at no cost to Leidos regardless of use.

It is not necessary to attach a proposed vendor agreement. The following information must be provided:

  • A. Vendor name and contact person
  • B. Description of equipment - item name and basic configuration (hardware, software, beta) if detailed specific item number configuration not available yet.
  • C. Location for equipment and contact person name, phone and e-mail
  • D. Proposed term of the loan (estimate or can be determined later if not known)
  • E. Reason for loan and synopsize the research project.
  • F. Value of equipment (an estimate is sufficient)
  • G. State who pays for expendable supplies
  • H. Include PR to cover freight charges or expendable supplies, if applicable
The Purchasing Department will:
  • A. Upon receipt of memo, Purchasing will work with vendor and the IP Administrator, or any other pertinent internal staff to establish a formal Equipment Loan Agreement.
  • B. Purchasing can begin negotiations while details (including specific catalog number list) are being worked out.
  • C. Purchasing will involve program area contact person as necessary to finalize the agreement
  • D. The Purchasing Department will establish an agreement clearly stating that the OTS Contractor is under no obligation to pay for the equipment. This agreement minimizes risk of loss, damage, etc. to the OTS Contractor and the program area. Potential Intellectual Property and other issues are also addressed.
  • E. Purchasing personnel and the vendor sign the agreement. Vendor ships the product to the enduser.

Note: Equipment cannot be delivered prior to completion of loan agreement by authorized parties from vendor and Purchasing Department, Leidos.