Requirements for buying 190 and 200 proof ethanol are different than other lesser percentage alcohols since a federal and state permit is required per location. The 190 and 200 ethanol can NOT be placed on a credit card or by blanket order.
Note: Ethanol buys do not need approval from EHS.

CHECK THE VENDOR'S WEBSITE TO DETERMINE IF A PERMIT IS REQUIRED OR NOT FOR THE PRODUCT YOU ARE ORDERING. Please remember there are federal and state permits required for 190 and 200 proof non-beverage alcohols.

1. For 190 or 200 proof (95% and 100%) ethanol:

To order Pharmco product, submit a Central Supply Warehouse requisition for onsite delivery To order Sigma (or other vendor) product, submit a purchase request to the Purchasing Department. Offsite deliveries require a separate permit.

2. For other ethanol, such as 70%:

This can be ordered on the purchase card or by blanket order (unless funding is ARRA).

Note: The DOT hazardous designation alone (such as flammable, corrosive, etc.) listed on vendor's websites must not be confused with the need for a permit.