Spending Federal Funds

The first rule of spending federal funds is responsible vendors must have an opportunity to the people's money. Requestors have a responsibility to look at the possibilities, define requirements and justify limiting competition if some manufacturers/ vendors statements of work do not meet the requestor's bona fide requirements.

Limiting competition may mean 1) restricting award to the approved manufacturer's distributor having the lowest bid or 2) restricting award to one vendor.

Limiting Competition

Federal regulations require requisitions exceeding $3,000 be competed to the maximum extent practicable. When competitive procedures are limited or not used, a justification explaining the situation must be provided by the customer with the PR package.

There are two forms, one for porucrements $3K to $30K and one for procurements exceeding $30K. As may be expected, the higher dollar threshold requires a more extensive justification. The forms are called:

  • Vendor Recommendation Form - $3K to $30K
  • Justification for Single/Sole Source - exceeds $30K.

The appropriate form is required to capture information on HOW THE MONEY will be spent, not to justify the need to buy the goods or service. Focusing on this essential distinction will make writing the justification much easier and shorten the procurement processing time.

The program area has the right to state their minimum requirements, but also has the obligation to document the pertinent details in the justification.

The importance of providing this information cannot be underestimated. Providing it with the initial PR package provides the fastest track possible through the entire Leidos procurement process.

In addition, the Product Comparison Worksheet and the Market Research Analysis form can be used to capture market research by the technical requestor and may be submitted along with the justification form.