(Not a Purchasing Function)

Some materials (cell lines, mice, etc.) are not available to purchase; instead, the supplier transfers the material to us under the terms of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) whether ordered online or by a formal agreement.

Contacts for questions: Technology Transfer Branch (TTB), x5465, for NCI investigators; Claudia Haywood, x6308 for Leidos investigators; Accounts Payable, x5638, for Direct Payment.

Note: Accounts Payable only arranges for the payment and does not place the "order".

Payments to suppliers of materials obtained through Material Transfer Agreements whether ordered online or by a formal agreement, are handled by utilizing either 1) the procurement card process or 2) a direct payment form that is sent to Accounts Payable to cut a check. The MTA Direct Payment Form is located on the Forms webpage, http://ncifrederick.cancer.gov/Cad/Forms.aspx. Information and instructions for the form are provided on the second page for your convenience.