Purchase Request

Purchase Requests can be completed in one of two different ways, either directly into the CostPoint system or by a Purchase Request web form.

Distributive Entry - The preferred method of submitting a Purchase Request is by having the customer enter the information directly into CostPoint. This electronic method is known as Distributive Entry. It obtains an electronic approval and most additional special approvals that allow the customer to immediately track status. For training and details on using Distributive Entry, contact Mel Lambert x5603.

Purchase Request Form - a workable web form to complete, print and obtain signatures. The form and instructions are available at http://ncifrederick.cancer.gov/Cad/Media/Documents/PurchaseRequestForEquipment.doc

Instructions for Completing Purchase Request Form

  1. Insert Center Number
  2. Enter the date that the purchase request was prepared
  3. Enter appropriate Purchase Request Number. Obtain block of numbers from the Contracts & Acquisitions Forms Page.
  4. Enter the requisitioning office, name, address, bldg. number and phone number
  5. Enter the name, address, building and phone for receipt of product or service
  6. Enter the suggested vendor or vendor's name, address, phone point of contact and vendor number; list other suggested vendors or enter "Best Source" if there is no suggested vendor
  7. Enter the line number of the item
  8. Enter Item Number (GL & items number) from Attachment 1
  9. Enter the vendor's catalog number (if applicable) and description of the item or service. Include information required for special or unusual acquisitions as described below.
  10. Enter item size/unit of purchase for each item (examples 20/cs, each, 500g)
  11. Enter the required quantity
  12. Enter the Estimated Unit Price of the item
  13. Enter the Estimated Extended Price of the Item
  14. Leave Blank - For use by Acquisition Department
  15. Leave Blank - For use by Acquisition Department
  16. Provide GSA Schedule Number if applicable
  17. Check for any additional cost and explain in Block 18 (e.g. freight.)
  18. Insert Estimated Total Amount of all costs
  19. Leave Blank - For use by Acquisition Department
  20. Provide any Special Instructions and/or List of Attachments
  21. Use Steps and Time Table Chart and fill in realistic delivery date. If urgent, state reason