After receipt of a complete purchase request package, the buyer initiates the proper steps to begin the procurement process, which can include some or all of the following:

  1. Obtaining vendor data for proper processing (for federal vendor status, contract department and invoicing info, etc.)
  2. Obtain current quotes, solicit verbal bids
  3. Prepare solicitation (SCO)
  4. Post on NCI Office of Acquisition.
  5. Prepare Bid Sheets to analyze responsiveness to statement of work, pricing and other stated criteria, etc.
  6. Negotiate terms and conditions, pricing, availability, etc.
  7. Ensure price reasonableness, either by competition or price analysis
  8. Discuss with Program Area for clarification or to review written memo for any alternate bid
  9. Ensure completion of other criteria, such as subcontracting plan information, certificate of insurance, green product, etc.
  10. Prepare award document (SCO or purchase order), complete procurement checklists
  11. Place order with vendor and send information as necessary to Finance, Property, etc.