(Not a Purchasing Request)

The Request for Vendor Service (RVS) form is located on the Campus web page under Forms for ALS, and is used for time and material repairs, maintenance service contracts and repairs, and warranty service and repairs.

If equipment is going to be shipped to the vendor for repair make certain that the "shipping info" section of the RVS form is complete and provide copies of any paperwork received from the vendor.

Fax the RVS form to the Equipment Maintenance (EM) team to initiate a service call.

If equipment is covered on a maintenance service contract or is under warranty, the end user may initiate a service call and fax RVS form to the EM team after service call is completed. This scenario is frequently appropriate, especially calls that are initiated with the technical services department.

All Time and Material repairs must be initiated by the EM team. Any PR needed is created by the EM team. Phone: x5642 FAX: x6154