The Acquisitions Staff is responsible for selecting the most efficient and cost effective method of procuring supplies and services. To that end the procurement methods used are intended to satisfy the customer in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness of the delivered product or service. The OTS Contractor uses the FAR principles to accomplish these objectives by maximizing the use of commercial products and services, using proven subcontractors, promoting competition, minimizing administrative operating costs and conducting business with integrity, fairness and openness.

The Contracting Team - Successful contracting in a large organization requires the coordination and cooperation of many players. The following are the major participants in the acquisition process:

Contracting Team Duties and Responsibilities
Acquisition Department Managers The Acquisition Department Managers for Purchasing, and the Subcontracts Department are responsible for managing the day to day operation of their respective functional areas and providing technical leadership to staff members.
OTS Contracting Officer The OTS Contracting Officer is the only official authorized to make purchases and enter subcontracts on behalf of the OTS Contractor
Government Project Officers Project Officers are NCI technical or scientific personnel who have been assigned to oversee an approved project.
OTS Technical Project Manager (TPM) The OTS Technical Project Manager (TPM) is the technical expert who is designated by the OTS Contracting Officer to assist in monitoring and administering the technical aspects of the subcontract. The TPM also coordinates the procurement requirements with the NCI Project Officer and the appropriate OTS Acquisition Department for complex procurements or when required.
*Subcontract Administrators The Subcontract Administrators are responsible for pre-award and post-award functions for a variety of contract types within the Subcontracts Department. Supervisory Subcontract Administrators also serve as OTS Contracting Officers.
*Buyers Senior Buyers and Buyers are responsible for procurements for services and supplies at all dollar levels, risk and complexity within the Purchasing Department.
*Order Clerks This position procures general materials and supplies under the direction of the Purchasing Supervisor buying staff and the various administrative and data entry functions.