Building Coordinator

  1. Ensure proper facilities for equipment in designated location of equipment
  2. Consult with EHS, FME, and/or Space Coordinator to ensure adequacy of space and safety of item prior to approving requisition for capital equipment
  3. Notify the Purchasing Department of any change in renovation or construction schedule that appreciatively alters the delivery status of the equipment

Property Department

  1. Ensures property accountability of capital equipment items
  2. Determines if items are available from excess property


  1. Ensure adequacy of space and safety of item
  2. Works with Program Area and Facility Manager to determine appropriate equipment
  3. Maintains a list of approved models for certain equipment categories, such as biological safety cabinets. If using a Checklist, no additional approval required per procurement.


  1. Ensures sufficient funding for the procurement
  2. Ensures existing project number for capital equipment for program area
  3. Provides budgetary guidance to program areas including appropriate fiscal year allocation.

Note: Some equipment procurements require a review by FME to determine fitness for use in the destination area. Examples of fitness are: weight-bearing load, water usage, electrical requirements, new startups that may affect the HVAC system, etc. This review is conducted between FME and the Acquisition Department during the procurement process.