Blanket Purchase Agreements. When there is an anticipated need for more than 20 bottles of Serum, the procurement should be handled using the available Blanket Purchase Agreements. The BPA list is available in Cognos, Program Area Reports.

Purchase Request. A PR may be used if the Blanket Purchase Agreements are not an option. The PR should include all the information below:

  1. The list of vendors you would like to test
  2. Provide size and sample required to test (50ml, 100ml etc.)
  3. Provide number of samples you wish to test (1-2 samples from each vendor)
  4. State glass or plastic bottles
  5. State hemoglobin level
  6. State endotoxin level
  7. State if sera should be heat inactivated
  8. Give cell lines
  9. State if foreign or domestic material is used
  10. Give quantity and size of bottles to be reserved during testing
  11. State approximately how long testing is required
  12. Indicate frequency of delivery and approximate number of bottles per delivery (if one-time delivery of all materials - indicate where sera is to be stored; either *Central Repository or other laboratory)
  13. Provide other pertinent criteria

**Obtain approval by LASP Coordinator for rodent sera

NOTE: If sera are to be stored in the Central Repository Wedgewood Facility, notify them when shipment is to be expected and the storage temperature.

Selecting the vendor: choosing other than the lowest bid requires a memorandum justifying the reason for the selection. Detail the negative repercussions if low-bid item were used. Include test results substantiating justification.