The PR, applicable justifications, and any additional information are sent to the Purchasing Department as a single point of entry. The Purchasing Department reviews each request and determines the appropriate Acquisition Department responsible for completing the action. The Purchasing Department will either retain the PR for action or forward it to the Subcontracts Department within 24 hours of receipt.

The PR may be sent 1) electronically by CostPoint Distributive Entry workflow, or 2)in paper form by interoffice mail, fax or hand carried.

The codes entered on the Distributive Entry PR for electronic approvals using workflow follow:

CostPoint Online Workflow

Note: Pre-approval obtained via CostPoint electronic routing (Distributive Entry by Program Area or Data Entry by the Purchasing Department).

Below is a CostPoint code reference for your convenience. Please double-check spelling and remember to FORWARD the requisition.

Category Code Approving Organization
Capital Equipment CAPITAL Finance & Property
Sensitive Property (includes servers) PROPERTY Property Department
Chemical Fume Hoods
Laminar flow cabinets
Portable electric heaters
EHS Environment, Health and Safety
Radioactive Materials SAFETY Environment, Health and Safety
Hard Drives
Operating Systems (Windows 7, VISTA, etc.)

All equipment having a computer
CSS - For Materials & Supplies

CSSCE - For Capital Equipment (Finance) and Sensitive Items (Property)

CSSNCE - For Sensitive items (Property)
Computer and Statistical Services