If $3,000 or less this item can be ordered with a credit card by an authorized card holder. Every effort should be made to utilize the Credit Card.

Allowable cost for Government and Contractor employees; work address must be included, but a name may appear as well for clarification or to receive a special discount rate.

If vendor does not accept a credit card and not thru a Subscription Agency, see Accounts Payable direct payment process.

The process for subscriptions placed through the Subscription Agency (currently Blackwell's) will continue as always with a purchase request.

Subscription Agency

The OTS Contractor in most cases uses a subscription agency to coordinate and consolidate subscriptions and journals (except membership subscriptions). However, if the Purchasing Department determines that the subscription is not available from the agency or it is more cost effective to order directly from the publisher, a separate order is written.

Complete PR and provide the following information:

  • Journal name

New Subscriptions with Subscription Agency

  • Publisher
  • Price
  • Users name and location for mailing the subscription.

Transfer to Subscription Agency

  • Same as above but add renewal notice or copy of the mailing label from the journal