Executive Order 13423

Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management

This Executive Order establishes total energy reduction goals for every Federal agency. Strengthening Federal Environmental Energy and Transportation Management build on previous executive orders and regulations to adopt one cohesive approach towards environmental management in the government.

Executive Order 13423 requires government agencies to:

  1. Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy and water consumption
  2. Purchase electricity from renewable energy sources
  3. Purchase "Green" goods and services, to include recycled content and biobased products, energy and water efficient products, and environmentally preferable products. Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tools (EPEAT) - registered electronic equipment and alternative fuels.
  4. Reduce the quantity of toxic and hazards chemicals and materials acquired
  5. Incorporate waste prevention and recycling into daily operations.
  6. Provide Green Procurement Preference Training
  7. Follow Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPGs) published in the Federal Register.

To read the full version of this order, go to http://www.fedcenter.gov/programs/eo13423/