Frequently Asked Questions

Costs and Sources of Recycled Materials

Where can I find vendors who provide recycled, remanufactured or biobased materials?

The Purchasing Department has issued multiple contracts with various vendors who provide recycled, remanufactured and biobased products, ranging from paper to cleaning supplies

  • B09-063R   Anthony Lee
  • B10-043AP Alpha Office Supplies
  • B13979AN - My Office Products

Will purchasing remanufactured toners invalidate a warranty on my equipment?

No, it will not. Many vendors want you to purchase your supplies through them, to include toners. The vendor may 'imply' this is a possibility, when in fact, it is not. You can enjoy savings of up to 60% by purchasing remanufactured cartridges. All contracted vendors will replace any toner that is found to be defective free of charge.

If purchasing "green" products is more expensive than non-green, am I required to purchase these items?

Not if it is not cost effective to your budget. If the same item is available in green with no mark-up in price and meets your requirements, you should purchase the "green" item.

The following will give Purchase Cardholders, Blanket User buyers and Requestors tips for buying and thinking Green!

What you can do:

  1. By consolidating orders, we can help reduce multiple deliveries and green house gases on campus.
  2. Produce double sided documents whenever possible
  3. Encourage communications via email, read email messages to determine whether it is necessary to print, if it's not, Don't!!
  4. Buy copier paper with minimum 30% post consumer recycled content (SPWH-75105815)
  5. Purchase multiple item packs (uses less packaging materials)

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