Green Products

Recycled products are also referred to as products containing recovered materials. The definition of a recovered material is recovered or derived from solid waste and used to manufacture new products.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Image of Toner Cartridge

Please note the use of remanufactured toners does not invalidate any warranties on your equipment. You can expect to save 40 to 60% over OEM toners.

Central Supply Warehouse Additions

The Central Supply Warehouse has a variety of "Green" products available. For a complete listing check out the online catalog.

Computers - Energy Star Compliant

Energy Star Compliant Computers Effective July 20, 2007 new specifications were announced to be considered compliant with Energy Star 4.0. For your information, these requirements can be found on the EPA website.

The new specification applies to a variety of products including desktop and notebook (or laptop) computers, game consoles, integrated computer systems, desktop-derived servers, and workstations.

Visit the qualified product list to make sure a computer is qualified under the new specification.

Effective December 12, 2008, all laptops and desktop computers (PC and Mac) must be requisitioned on a Purchase Request through the Purchasing Department. Computer systems are expressly prohibited from being ordered by program areas using the Purchase Card and Blanket Order processes.

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