Our Mission

The LSD offers centralized receipt, inspection, delivery services and operates a Central Supply Warehouse, Maintenance Supply Warehouse, and Property Accountability. The Transportation Section of LSD provides complete mail delivery, courier services, packaging/shipping operations and relocation coordination. (Manager, Byron Bowie Ext. 1159)


The Receiving Section is responsible for the receipt, inspection, and processing of inbound freight. After processing, they route material to Central Supply, Maintenance Supply, or for delivery to the end-user as appropriate. When necessary, Receiving arranges for the return of goods for replacement. They also arrange delivery of very large and/or heavy freight. The Receiving Supervisor is Dave Mayo Ext. 1090.

Delivery Section

Using step vans and forklifts, the Delivery Section makes daily delivery of most inbound freight and all supplies requisitioned from Central Supply including liquid nitrogen cylinders and bottled gasses. The delivery area consists of the NCI at Frederick and immediate vicinity including Toll House Ave. , Thomas Johnson Drive , Industry Lane , and Fairview Center . Currently, they make deliveries to 70+ buildings. The Delivery Supervisor is Dave Mayo Ext. 1090.

Consolidated Warehouses

Central Supply Warehouse

The Central Supply Warehouse maintains an inventory of expendable items that are routinely used throughout the NCI at Frederick. Items stocked include general laboratory supplies, animal supplies, dry ice, compressed gases, liquid nitrogen, and tax-free alcohol. A standing order may be placed for twice-weekly delivery of dry ice. Watch this site for a catalog listing. The CSW Supervisor is David Kelbaugh Ext. 1082.   Warehouse Supply Catalog

Maintenance Supply Warehouse

The Maintenance Supply Warehouse provides supplies and material routinely used for renovations and general repair of existing buildings and equipment by personnel in the various shops of Facilities Maintenance and Engineering. The MSW Supervisor is David Kelbaugh Ext. 1082.

Mail Room/Transportation

Services provided by the Mail Room/Transportation Section include a morning pick up, sorting, and delivery of incoming U.S. Postal Service mail; both a morning and an afternoon pickup, sorting, and delivery of interoffice mail; and application of postage and afternoon transport to the U.S. Postal Office for outgoing mail. This section also offers daily courier service to and from NCI/NIH Bethesda, schedules commercial courier services as needed, coordinates clearance of incoming material through U.S. Customs, prepares air freight and United Parcel Service outbound shipments, arranges for outbound animal shipments, and arranges for new employee relocations. The Transportation Supervisor is Ron Brown Ext. 1636 or 1175.

Transportation Section
Frederick National Lab Mailroom Schedules

Service Type Deadline to Mailroom Comments
Interoffice 9:00am for AM mail run
1:30pm for PM mail run
After 1:30pm next day delivery
USPS First Class
USPS Certified Mail
USPS Insured
USPS Priority
USPS Registered
USPS Parcel Post
4:00pm After 4:00pm next day processing
USPS Express 3:30pm After 3:30pm next day processing
International 1* see below After 4:00pm next day processing
USPS International Parcels 3:30pm Deadline for international boxes is 3:30pm
After 3:30pm next day processing
Handcarries to NIH 10:30am Handcarries need to be called into transportation prior to 10:30am the day of request
Special Courier 2* see below Per contact times
FedEx envelopes
Correspondence Only
5:00pm Final pick-up for this services requires telephone call to transportation no later than 4:45pm
3:30pm Must be approved by safety
Day of shipment for domestic
Day previous to shipment for foreign shipments

1* - International mail (excluding parcels) is done by OMNI Support Intl. (UPS) which is an outside courier that picks up the mail at 4:00.

2* - This service is available at any time. Each courier has its own starting and closing time. If a courier is needed anytime before or after their normal work hours there would be an overtime charge.

Contact Transportation for assistance or additional information.

Phone #1175 / Fax #6971 / E-mail last revision / October 4, 2011