Policies & Procedures

Delinquency Policy

Delinquent IBC Policy

Human Pathogen Testing of Cell Lines

The IBC no longer requires human pathogen screening for human cell lines going into animals. However, the IBC will continue to request information for how the cell lines are being used/administered in animals, documentation for where the administration will occur, and how the area will be disinfected after work is completed or in the event of a spill. All human materials, including cell lines and strains, will continue to be manipulated according to Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) practices.

SOP Guidance

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should accompany all IBC registries. SOPs should not only address standard biosafety level criteria, but should also specifically identify hazards as outlined in the IBC registry.

Laboratory Biological Safety Manual and  SOP Guidance Document

NCI-F Biological Research Registration Policy

NCI-F Biological Research Material Handling & Use Policy (Pol. #706)