Renewing a Registration

The NIH Guidelines require periodic review of your biological research. The NCI-F Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) currently requires registries to be renewed and reviewed every 3-years. The renewal process is the same as an initial submission and it is the responsibility of the PI to incorporate all amendments made to the initial registry over the 3-year time period into the renewal. As with a new submission, for renewals, the IBC is responsible for reviewing projects that involve, but are not limited to: rDNA/RNA, RNAi (shRNA/siRNA), Biological Toxins, Oncogenes, Transgenic (Tg) OR Knockout (KO)/In (KI) Animals, Pathogens, Dual Use materials, Nanotechnology.

Submit a new registry, an amendment or a renewal to NCI-Frederick IBC

NOTE: For faster processing, submit all forms electronically (as Word documents) with the exception of signature sheets. Once signed, they can be faxed to 301-846-6619 or emailed to the address above as a PDF.