Animal Study Proposal Development and Forms

In July 2012, the NCI-Bethesda ACUC implemented the iRIS system, created by iMedRIS for all animal study proposal submissions. This program enables electronic submissions using forms that are specifically designed to include all NIH and ACUC requirements while providing helpful templates and links to assist investigators with the specific details of your experiments. Real time tracking also enables the investigator to know the status of submissions at any time during the process.

iRIS System
iRIS Instruction Manual

Suggested Method For Developing An ASP

  1. The investigator develops an idea for a study.
  2. The investigator uses the LASP-Bethesda website and/or contacts the LASP-Bethesda veterinarian and/or ACUC Coordinator for guidance on specific animal issues and helpful language for their study.
  3. The investigator completes a draft of the Animal Study Proposal.
  4. The investigator submits a copy to Lab Animal Sciences Program - Bethesda one month before the meeting.
  5. The LASP-Bethesda veterinarian and ACUC Coordinator conduct a pre-review of the Animal Study Proposal and request any necessary clarifications from the PI to fine-tune it for the meeting.
  6. Necessary revisions are made at the latest one week before the meeting and distributed to ACUC members.

Key Points To Remember For ASP Development

Use the NCI electronic submission system, iRIS:

Investigators must document that they have considered alternatives to procedures listed for Category 2 and 3 studies that may cause more than momentary or slight pain or distress to the animals whether alleviated (Category 2) or not (Category 3). Also, the investigator must indicate that alternatives were not available, or justify why alternatives found are not appropriate for the study.

A database search is an effective tool for providing this information to the ACUC. We recommend using Alternatives to Animal Testing when searching for this information. Once completed, the Animal Study Proposal (Application in iRIS) will prompt you to include the following information: the databases searched, the date the search was conducted, the key words used, the period covered by the search, and a brief narrative of the results. The following link is an excellent resource to assist you in performing the search.

Provide information as requested in the Application in iRIS. Following suggestions provided in the iRIS Instruction Manual will help get your ASP through the ACUC review in a timely manner.