NCI-Bethesda ACUC - Training and Enrollment


Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU)Training Course and Refresher Course

NIH Policy Manual 3040-2 requires that all personnel who work with animals be adequately trained to perform the tasks that are required by their job. The Manual identifies Principal Investigators and Animal Users as two categories of personnel for whom specific training courses are provided. After the Initial Course is taken the Refresher Course must be completed every three years.

NIH Animal Exposure Program (AEP)

The Animal Exposure Program (AEP) provides relevant health and safety information related to use and care of animals, occupationally indicated immunizations, and clinical evaluation and treatment for animal related injuries or illnesses. Participation is a requirement for all personnel who work in animal facilities and who have contact with research animals or their tissues, bodily fluids, or waste, and others who work in areas where research animals are housed or used. This shall include, at a minimum, Principal Investigators (PI) and their staff who use animals in their research, and veterinarians and animal care staff members. To enroll in the AEP contact the Occupational Medical Service at 301-496-4411. For more information go to:


Hands-on Rodent Workshops:

The "Mouse and Rat Workshops: Hands-on Animal Techniques" workshops are three hour sessions that provide investigators with an opportunity to receive training on routine handling and experimental techniques using live mice and rats. Instructors for these small group sessions are certified laboratory animal technologists, and therefore, provide a maximum opportunity for learning basic skills.

Skill Level - Novice: This course is meant to introduce scientists and technicians to rodent techniques, but is not intended to make them proficient in the techniques.

Prerequisite Training: Students must have prior experience hand restraining rodents before attending the Workshop. Proper animal handling and restraint is essential for proper performance of technical procedures. Please contact OACU or the LASP-Bethesda main office (301-496-1866) to arrange a basic rodent handling training.

NCI-Bethesda Hands-On Training:

NCI-Bethesda veterinarians and technicians offer valuable hands-on experience to help investigators, associates, and others to optimize their technical proficiencies in procedures involving animals. Such procedures include basic animal handling, needle injection, blood collection, vascular access, anesthesia, surgery, sterile technique, oral gavage, and euthanasia. Contact LASP-Bethesda’s main office at 301-496-1866 to discuss training opportunities.

NCI-Bethesda Animal Care and Use Committee Member Training

Training for persons appointed to one of NCI's CCR Animal Care and Use Committees.

To access the OACU principal investigator/animal user course, Mouse/Rat Workshop or ACUC Member training :

  • Use the following link:
  • Click Animal Care and Use Training Tab on the left side of the page
  • Log in with your NIH computer login information
  • Under REQUIRED TRAINING COURSES, select the Animal User or Refresher course (online) or OPTIONAL COURSES, select the appropriate Workshop